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Instantly Earn $1 for Each iHerb Product Review

  • Review & earn up to $101 in Rewards Credit
    Instantly earn $1 in Rewards Credit for each product review submitted.
    Plus, earn an additional $0.10 for each helpful vote you receive, up to $100 per review.
  • Answer & earn up to $100 in Rewards Credit
    Submit an answer to another customer’s question and earn $0.10 for each helpful vote you receive, up to $100 per answer.

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How to make 6% from referred iHerb orders

After someone places an order using your Rewards Code, iHerb will Reward you by placing a credit to your iHerb account.

In fact, you will earn four types of Rewards:

1. First-time Order Credits

You will earn a 6% credit from all first-time customers to iHerb who use your Rewards Code.

The credit amount you earn is based on the size of their order. If they place a $100 order, a $6 credit will be applied to your account.

2. Reordering and New Product Credits

Each time that customer reorders, you will receive an additional 6% credit — and you will receive this credit for the duration of their first year with iHerb. If they purchase any new product that is attributed to your Rewards Code, you will also receive a 6% Rewards credit for the duration of their first-year with iHerb.

3. Credits After the First Year

When your referral places subsequent orders after their first year with iHerb, you will earn 2% in credit. Likewise, if they purchase any new product that is attributed to your Rewards Code after the first year, you will receive 2% credit.

4. Product Introductions to Any iHerb Customer

You will earn Rewards for introducing any iHerb customer to any new product. A Reward is paid for that product introduction as well as subsequent repurchases. The amount of the Reward is equal to 6% for the first year, or 2% thereafter.

For purposes of definition, a “new” product means that the customer has not purchased that product from iHerb before.

Top 10 Rewards Participants Earned the Following In 2013:

1) $199,205.23
2) $176,130.17
3) $126,376.43
4) $115,573.11
5) $112,396.92
6) $99,024.46
7) $97,819.61
8) $95,996.71
9) $92,880.68
10) $91,748.53

Affiliate Program FAQ

How does iHerb affiliate program work?

  1. Get Your Code
    Become an iHerb customer and instantly receive your own unique Rewards Code. Use this code to get up to $10 discount:
  2. Get Social
    Share your Rewards Code with others – saving them up to $10 off their first iHerb purchase.
  3. Get Rewards
    Start earning rewards like extra discounts, free products or even cash!

Is this an MLM program?
No. There are no financial obligations, no selling hyped-up products or annoying others. You simply introduce them (via your code) to one of the best overall values for brand name natural products on the market. Their potential savings could be hundreds of dollars per year!

Will I be making money off my friends?
No. Like any other business, iHerb has a marketing budget. Instead of giving it to Google, Yahoo, or other means of advertising, we give it to you.

What about my personal information, or that of my friends? Is it safe?
iHerb has been in business since 1996. Neither iHerb nor iHerb Rewards has ever shared, rented, or sold any customer information to any other party