iHerb Scam

You will find that some of the reasons people assume it is a scam aren’t really justified.

Many people believe iHerb is a scam due to the low prices that they offer. They believe that there is just no way at all that someone is able to offer those great prices and still be providing top of the line quality for herbs and supplements. Yet it isn’t that the are scamming people, it has to do with the fact that other companies are over charging customers at every turn.

If you are skeptical, consider buying a low cost item from iHerb and see what happens. Use code ODO699 on the checkout page to save $5. If product you’re testing is about $5 you’ll just pay for the shipping. Find out how long it takes to get to you. Then you can also compare the quality with what you got elsewhere but paid more for.

For over 14 years, since 1996, iHerb has striven to enhance your online shopping experience.

iHerb was named #1 online supplement store by ConsumerLab.com. 4 years in a row!
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