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Happy New Year – Enjoy 15% off your iHerb order!

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How to get the most value every time you shop iHerb

  1. 10% off on orders over $60 USD
    On orders over $60 USD, apply promo code VALUE60 at checkout to get an extra 10% off your order.
  2. On-sale products
    Check out our Super Deals and Trial Items for extra discounts on many popular products.
  3. Save even more!
    Let others know about iHerb through our Rewards Program. Every month, more than 50,000 iHerb customers get either full or partial credit on their orders!

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30% + 22% Exploit Deal on Muscletech Supplements

This combo deal is available during 22% Black Friday week on iHerb, while 30% Muscletech  promo is valid until New Year.
Black Friday provides 11% discount + 11% cashback reward, over existing 30% promot.

Order MuscleTech Supplements with Combo Deal

Complete line of products available including MuscleTech Nitro Tech, Mass Tech, Protein Whey Peptides & Isolate Primary Source, Ripped, Ultimate Protein + Weight Loss Formula, BCAA, Creatine, Vitamins.

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22% Black Friday 2018 on

  • 11% off Sitewide
  • 11% Loyalty Credit on every order!

Total: 2 x 11% = 22% .

Order Shortly : use code BLACK 

Place an order at least once every 60 days to take advantage of an additional 11% Loyalty Credit.

– You earn loyalty credit for every order you place at iHerb!

– Loyalty credit is equal to 11% of the value of your order after discounts and credits applied, excluding shipping charges.

– Your loyalty credit will be applied towards your next order as soon as your current order has shipped.

– Your loyalty credits are valid for up to 60 days from the date of your last purchase.

10% quantity discounts

On many different brand name products, we offer an extra 5-10% quantity discount when you order 2 or more units of the same product.

Free or discounted shipping

On-sale products

Check out specials page for extra discounts on many popular products.

Nicotinamide Riboside Affordable Price

As Nicotinamide Riboside became popular, demand and price increased recently. Here are 2 options to reduce costs:

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iHerb PayPal: How to order with PayPal

Here is how to pay for iHerb orders with PayPal.

iHerb accepts Visa, Master Card, and American Express and also recently introduced PayPal.
Update: iHerb Paypal payments still works in 2017. 

When clicking on “Change” for “Payment Details” on checkout page, in addition to existing options this shows up:

Choose a different payment method

  • Pay With PayPal
iHerb Paypal Order: Pay with Paypal
iHerb Paypal Order: Pay with Paypal

Use this coupon code on iHerb to get $5-10 off from your first supplements order and more benefits, using any payment options (credit card or PayPal): ODO69

If you prefer to pay directly by credit card, instead of Paypal, iHerb uses the newest, industry standard, 256-bit encryption-secure software to protect your information. All the information is stored exclusively on private servers (no rented or shared servers).

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iHerb December 2013 Super Special – Extra 12% Cash Back

Earn 10% (or More) Rewards Credit on Every Qualifying Order!
Here is how it works:

If the value of all the orders you place in December totals $100 or more, iHerb will deposit credit to your iHerb account equal to 10% of the total, in January, 2014.

Even more exciting: If the value of all the orders you place in December totals $200 or more, they will deposit credit equal to 12% of the total to your iHerb account in January, 2014.

The credits will be posted to your account on Monday, January 6th, and you can use them just like cash to purchase products from iHerb.

Here are two examples:

 In December, if you place 3 orders with a total value of $140 (excluding shipping charges), you will receive a credit of $14 (10%) in your account by January 6th.

 In December, if you place 5 orders with a total value of $220 (excluding shipping charges), you will receive a credit of $26.40 (12%) in your account by January 6th.
Take advantage of this limited-time offer and order today!

Note: The total is calculated after discounts and excludes shipping costs. The same offer applies to Rewards program participants. Also, credits expire 180 days (6 months) after they are applied.


Additionally, use this coupon for extra discounts starting from $5:
ODO699 Discount Coupon Code

iHerb sells nutritional supplements and other healthy products both domestically and internationally. A rapidly-expanding business, iHerb carries one of the largest selections of high – quality nutritional products in the world.

Use iHerb coupon code:

To get $5 off  or $10 (oders $40+) on your 1st order +many more discounts on that order & each order after, including :
+ free shipping over $40
+ 8% off and free 2nd day shipping over $120
+ 1 free sample product per order
+ special discounts and promotions

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