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Supercharge Your Protein Shake – Powder Supplements

What other supplements can you add to you whey protein shake?

Supplements available in powder form:

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Astaxanthin plus berberine: a nutraceutical strategy for replicating the benefits of a metformin/fibrate regimen in metabolic syndrome

A regimen of berberine/red yeast rice/astaxanthin might constitute a safe and usually well-tolerated strategy for optimising lipid profiles in patients in whom triglycerides and LDL cholesterol are both elevated, and HDL cholesterol depressed.
Meta-analysis confirms the utility of krill oil supplementation for improving serum lipid profile.Its efficacy with respect to modulating serum lipids, glucose and C reactive protein appears to be superior to that of fish oil.


3 Phase Anti-Aging Longevity Stack 2019

3 Phases

1.Intermittent fasting amplifyers.
Increase autophagy (for anti-aging), during intermittent fasting

2.Supplements after Sports, Gym (powders)

3.Supplements with food (improved absorbtion)

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Nicotinamide Riboside Affordable Price

As Nicotinamide Riboside became popular, demand and price increased recently. Here are 2 options to reduce costs:

Intermittent Fasting Autophagy Supplements

Increase autophagy (for anti-aging), during intermittent fasting with this stack (studies below):

  1. Nicotinamide Riboside as Niacel or Resveracel
  2. Pterostibene or Pterostilbene & Resveratrol
  3. Hydroxycitrate (HCA) from Garcinia & Green Coffee or Garcinia Cambogia
  4. EGCG (Green Tea extract)
  5. coffee
  6. water


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Gym Supplements that Work Out

Pre Workout

Post Workout

With Food



2 natural nutrients revitalize energy and slow cellular aging