Tonics for Energy: Invigorate Body and Mind

Boost energy, invigorate, rejuvenate and strengthen your body and mind.

green tea

To keep natural high energy levels these should be used with other supplements that keep the body young and healthy (antioxidants and immunity formulas) and active (brain and hormone balancing supplements). Also don’t forget a healthy diet, physical activities and sleeping.


Taking Multiple Supplements

An easy way to take multiple supplements is to combine your daily doses in pill boxes.

As written on their boxes, some need to be taken with meals, some in larger amounts (2 or 3). This supplements blog contains some conventions about used formulas and taking:

  • M = Morning, on empty stomach
  • B = Before an important meal (considering there are 2 important meals per day)
  • B1 = Before 1st meal
  • B2 = Before 2nd meal

A number before means a multiple dose (number of items), in example 2M.

Supplements are usually concentrated dried plant extracts (with water removed).
When taking multiple supplements at the same time, these should be taken with generous amounts of water to make sure these don’t get stuck or you dehydrate. Also water will help body eliminate excess substances and byproducts, regulate absorption and improve supplement benefits.

Lower Cholesterol

Supplements to lower cholesterol:

These could be taken in combination with Anti-Oxidants and Liver Support supplements. Physical activity and a healthy diet should boost the effects.



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